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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Windshield came in!

Yeppers, the World's Ugliest Windshield came in for the 'Strom. I tried to install it on my V-Strom, but my V-Strom has a Madstad windshield bracket, not the OEM one, and has bar risers. The bar risers raise the mirrors up to the point where they miss the cut-out in the windshield and hit the plastic instead. So I adjusted the windshield forward and the bars back towards me (remember, I have those funky Rox adjustable risers on my bike), but I think the real solution is to move my mirrors out of the way. Like with these mirror extenders, which would also move the turbulence from the mirrors away from me and also make it easier to see what is behind me rather than having a nice view of my shoulder.

Funny how this works. All I wanted was a better windshield, and now I'm doing all this other stuff? WTF? Heh. These beasts always seem to work like that...

So anyhow, I'll test the windshield tomorrow, assuming it's not raining. My trip to the Mojave Desert on the V-Strom showed that the windshield was one of the two weaknesses left in the bike -- the other one being lack of a throttle lock or cruise control, which resulted in my right hand getting somewhat tired. Hopefully I'll get this all sorted out soon and have the bike really dialed in. It's close -- really close. But not there yet.

-- Badtux the Wrenchin' Penguin


Gordon said...

Have you considered bar end mirrors?

BadTux said...

Won't work. The hand guards connect to the bar end weights via a spacer that came with the hand guard kit (a Suzuki OEM option), so I'd lose my hand guards. My hand guards make things *much* nicer on cool days, since the wind no longer blows directly on my hands. On the other hand, the hand guards also contact the windshield when the windshield is adjusted wrong, so that's yet another problem caused by the bar risers (otherwise the hand guards would coincide with the lower cutout of the windshield, that's why the windshield is so weirdly shaped, to give the handguards a place to go). But the mirrors are a bigger problem, I can adjust the windshield around the handguards to lean it back further so I can look over it and get a better bubble of air, but when I do that, the mirrors hit it.

It's all these interactions of 3rd party gear that makes farkling a motorcycle interesting, eh? :-).

- Badtux the Improvising Penguin