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Thursday, November 6, 2008

My first ride with the new windshield

On Monday, I needed to go to Costco for some noodles. I drove the Jeep to work. On Tuesday, I needed to take the Jeep to the tire place to get my tires rotated and balanced (free lifetime rotation and balancing at America's Tire/ Discount Tire if you buy your tires there!). On Wednesday I just plain overslept and drove the Jeep because you can just jump in the thing and get to work on it.

So today I got to ride the new windshield and... meh. We'll have to see what happens once my mirror extenders come in and I can get the mirrors out of the way so I can tilt it back further, but so far, it doesn't seem to be much better than the stock windshield. At least it's not too tall, which was Gordon's fear -- the way I had it adjusted put the top of the windshield basically at the bottom of my visor. I've adjusted it a little taller for the ride home, we'll see if that's any better, but I don't think it'll be "right" until I can tilt it back further towards me, which I can't do until I move the mirrors out of the way. Alas, I forgot my camera, so couldn't get a picture of the bike w/windshield installed on it today... oh well!

-- Badtux the Wrenchin' Penguin


Gordon said...

I get my noodles and tires at Costco as well. It's important to not get them confused at dinnertime.

I have some good recipes for tires, but I don't get shit for mileage outta the noodles.

BadTux said...

I always buy my car tires at Costco, but they aren't any good at big ole' Jeep tires, which need some special balancing tools because they're so friggin' huge. All our local Jeepers go to the particular America's Tire outlet where I bought my Jeep's 32x11.5 tires because they know how to balance our big ungainly tires and don't get that whole bulging eyes thing when they see us coming. Sad to say, here in the effete Bay Area, folks with big tires are almost unheard of. All these geeks are driving around in little econo-boxes with tiny donut wheels and shit, the ones that aren't driving BMW's and Volvos that is.

But Costco does have two things going for it: Noodles, and tuna. Mmm, tuna, does a penguin's heart good ;-). Also good for health bars and dried fruit and nuts, all of which is good for camping trips for when you don't feel like cooking.

- Badtux the Jeeping Penguin

Gordon said...

I use direct size replacement meats on my pickups, Michelin LT Radials. Costco's got no prob with those.

Costco is regular shopping spot for us. Ya get things cheap when ya cop weight.