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Friday, October 17, 2008

WIndshield for the 'Strom

To deal with the upcoming winter rainy season I just ordered what must be the world's ugliest windshield for my Suzuki DL650 V-Strom: That is the National Cycle VStream. The weird cut-outs are to make room for the mirrors and the handguards on bikes that don't have bar-backs like mine, otherwise the windshield is too wide for the bike. The cut-outs also help with reducing buffeting behind the windshield, since the air coming around the cut-outs helps reduce the backpressure behind the shield.

We'll have to see what happens. This windshield was at least $80 cheaper than the other high-end windshield I was looking at, so hopefully it'll work. Otherwise I'll have to sell it off on Fleabay and fork out more money, bummer :-(.

-- Badtux the Motorcyclin' Penguin


Gordon said...

It looks awfully tall. In days gone by, when windshields were prone to turn sorta yellow or be easily scratched, the word was to rig it so you looked over the top of it instead of through it. Does that still apply?

I've never had a windshield on my own bike, but I've ridden quite a few that did, and mostly viewed the road over the top of them.

BadTux said...

Yeah, the idea is still that you look over the windshield, since it doesn't come with a windshield wiper (!). Yeah, it's tall. If it's too tall, I'll just chop it down to size so I can see over it. That's why they invented roto-tools :-). But I have a tall seat on my bike and I'm fairly tall myself, plus I have a bracket on the bike that allows you to tilt the windshield back, so I *should* be okay height-wise.

When the weather is cold and rainy and nasty, a good windshield makes life a lot nicer. For one thing, you don't end up with water slapping you in the neck and running down inside your rain jacket :-(. I intend on doing some long distance touring on this bike, so outfitting it for that is why I want a better windshield than the stocker, which is pretty pathetic.

- Badtux the Touring Pengin