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Monday, August 11, 2008

Glad I don't have a BMW

Ouch. Apparently not the first time this has happened to BMW motorcycle forks. The rider reports that the bike acted like it was entering a tank slapper, and then the bottom of the forks ripped right off and the bike went down while the wheel went its own merry way.

Jap bikes have their own quirks, but they don't send their wheels in random directions, and their sidestands generally don't just collapse underneath you (another quirk of these BMW's -- flimsy sidestands, probably because for many years BMW motorcycles didn't have sidestands at all, just centerstands). German "engineering". Bah humbug!

-- Badtux the Jap-bike-ownin' Penguin


Gordon said...

Holy crap! In forty years as a bike wrench I've never seen forks do that. Ever.

BadTux said...

Just looking at the place where the wheel ripped right off of the forks gives me the willies. I'm glad that KLR's are pretty much bullet-proof as well as being simple as anvils and Suzuki V-Stroms have a good reputation too (although they're *too friggin' complicated*, sigh!). Going down a road with a model bike that this has happened to would freak me out *big time*...

- Badtux the Icked-out Penguin