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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby loves her Kraut plugs

Drove the Silver Demon to Point Reyes National Seashore last weekend. She got close to 17mpg. Baby apparently loves her Kraut plugs (the Bosch Platinum+4 ones), because I never got that even when she was new and lower to the ground/skinnier smaller tires. Jeep Wranglers aren't known for their fuel economy :}.

I also took the Weestrom shopping last Saturday. She's a nice pleasant bike, but I don't ride her enough, especially since I now live only 4 miles from work and could even bicycle it if I wanted to do so. Still conflicted over whether to sell her or not. Probably will hang on to her until next spring now, given that we're already in the second week of June (heh!). Guess that means I need to plan a trip with the Wee just to let her spread her wings a little... So tonight I'll go ahead and install the new GPS wiring to my fuse panel, because the old wiring was pretty much fail. Might also go see if I can find that handlebar-mounted windshield in my storage, which might give calmer air behind my fairing... I don't *really* need to see my speedometer (cowling-mounted) if I can glance at the GPS and see how fast I'm going, right? :-).

-- Badtux the Wrenchin' Penguin


w3ski said...

Some of that millage "difference" is going to be the change from winter to summer fuel . Remember that winter fuel is more volatile and evaporates faster than summer fuel . I was taught GM expected a 6/10 of a mile difference and got as much as 6 miles per gallon less in the field . Ever find where your coolant was going ?

BadTux said...

Actually, California now uses identical formulation (the winter formulation) both winter *and* summer. That started a couple of years ago, when the chemical they used for the summer formulation was banned. Now it's all blended the same, with ethanol as the octane booster / oxygenator. So it's not a fuel difference.

- Badtux the Gassy Penguin

Gordon said...

I'm glad they got rid of the MTBE, although folks all over the state still get plenty of it from their drinking water.

California "gas" is the pits. I buy most of my gas in Nevada and get 10% less mileage when I have to use CA gas.